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last year's ride
last year's ride

Traphagen's Trail Ride for Brain Cancer

Traphagen's Trail Ride for Brain Cancer is an annual ride to support the efforts of finding better treatments, clinical trials, and a cure for brain cancer.

Brain cancer is hard to treat, and no one talks about it. I started a podcast called Game On Glio to raise awareness of this rare disease and to help educate, support, and honor those on this path (our podcast now reaches thousands of people across the globe and has helped get patients into important clinical trials. We are now in our 2nd season). I am a 45 year old widow. I lost my best friend and soulmate, my husband Mike Traphagen to brain cancer in 2020. He was only 45 years old. This fundraiser is in his memory and helps so many across the country, across the globe who are currently battling this cancer. All proceeds will benefit brain cancer clinical trials and treatments at Roswell Park Cancer Center. One such trial is the SurVaxM Vaccine, now in a Phase 2b clinical trial and RECRUITING! You can learn more about this vaccine on episode 5 of season 2 of my podcast ( It is crucial we help support better ways of fighting brain cancer. 

Last year, we raised over $15,000! Our goal is to beat that this year! 

We have two portions of the fundraiser this year (2022). The first part is our kick off event to start our fundraising. It's a movie night at Canalside in Buffalo NY on August 5th. (This portion has now ended--thank you to all those who attended).

The cycling event will offer two loops through the village of Hamburg at the Charlotte Street Park (the same location as in 2021). There will be a 6.5 mile loop and a 14 mile loop, as well as a walking loop through the village (3.5 miles) on October 15th, 2022. We hold the cycling event in October to honor and remember my late husband who died October 2020.

ALL funds to this Team's page will support our efforts to fight brain cancer, and will support the ride for those cycling with us on the 15th. I am supporting Roswell because they supported me and my husband, especially his last 5.5 weeks which were spent there. Please join us in this fight. Help me honor and memorialize Mike Traphagen and all those fighting brain cancer, along with their families and caregivers that support them and stand by them, by raising funds and awareness. With your help, we can find a way to better treat brain cancer, give patients much longer, and one day find a cure!!! 

**All riders for the cycling event will be asked to donate ahead of the ride and sign a waiver. 

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