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Fundraising online is
simple and easy.

Creating a fundraising page is an easy way to collect donations from your community far and wide and can make a real difference in the mission to end cancer.

Set up an online fundraising page.

Create a team fundraising page.

Fundraise as a group — collaborate with friends and family to increase your fundraising efforts

Join a team fundraising page.

Join a team and celebrate your collective impact on cancer cures.

Create a personal fundraising page.

Give those who cannot attend your event a chance to contribute.

How to create a fundraising page

  1. Create an account or sign in with an existing account.
  2. Name your fundraising page and set a donation goal. Both will appear publicly on your fundraising page.
  3. Consider making a self-donation and show others your commitment to ending cancer.
  4. Personalize your page by telling your story and sharing images that show why ending cancer matters to you.
  5. Post and share your fundraising page to your social networks, and text it to your favorite contacts. People are always looking for a fun way to give to a great cause.

If you’re looking to fundraise with your school, check out Schools Against Cancer.

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Not sure which option to choose? Amanda is here to help!

Contact Amanda at or 716-845-3517 to connect with a coordinator!

Thank you for changing the future.

By joining Team Roswell, you join patients and their families in the fight of their lives. Your dedication continues to make Roswell Park a home for hope.