Roswell Park Day of Giving 2020

Gynecological Cancer

Welcome to our team page for the Roswell Park Day of Giving. We are so excited for this 24-hour give-a-thon!


Because our Day of Giving is an opportunity for you to direct your donation to research areas that mean the most to you. By giving to gynecological cancer research, you’re making a huge impact for patients facing these diseases.

There are six main types of gynecological cancer: cervical, ovarian, trophoblastic disease, uterine/endometrial, vaginal and vulvar. Uterine is the most common of these, and encompasses endometrial as well as uterine sarcomas and carcinosarcomas. It is the fifth most prevalent cancer in women, with over 60,050 new cases diagnosed in 2016. While not the most common, ovarian cancer is the deadliest, causing more deaths per year than any other gynecological cancer.

We are making progress with these cancers thanks to clinical trials and new treatments like immunotherapies, but we still have a long way to go. Here at Roswell Park, donations allow us to pursue and advance research, bring the latest treatment options to our patients and help them maintain the best possible quality of life. Our team is committed to increasing survival rates, developing new treatments, providing access to new therapies through clinical trials, and offering supportive services for our patients throughout their cancer journey.

But we need your help! Please consider making a donation today as part of our Day of Giving. The support of generous donors like you allows us to stay on the cutting edge of gynecological cancer research and to provide compassionate care to all our patients. Your donation will be used to accelerate promising clinical trials in immunotherapy treatments for gynecological cancer. And if you’re looking to create an even bigger impact, you can join our team by clicking the button on this page and fundraise on our behalf!

Thank you for making a difference in honor of all the patients an families we serve!

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