Team Roswell - Fundraise Your Way 2020

Shooting for a Cure!


This January Pembroke Girls Basketball team will be hosting their 10th annual Shooting For A Cure! benefit to raise awareness and funds for cancer research in conjunction with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Roswell Park has sanctioned our event and greatly values what our team has been able to do over the past nine seasons. Our Shooting For A Cure! campaign helps us raise funds for cancer research at Roswell Park in addition to bringing further awareness to the disease.

Last year with the support of local area businesses and generous community members, our program was able to raise over $33,000 for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in one night! Over the past eight seasons we have been fortunate enough to have had the support of 26Shirts, ADPRO Sports, Batavia Country Club, Batavia’s Original, the Buffalo Bills, Sabres, Bandits and Bisons, Clarence Deli, Courage of Carly Foundation, Coca-Cola of Rochester, Crickler’s Vending, Dave & Adams Card World, Dixon Ticonderoga, Fenton’s Produce, Five Guys, Hershey’s Ice Cream, Knockaround Sunglasses, National Grid, Northtowne Automotive, NYSCOPBA, Original Pizza Logs, Pesci’s Pizza, Pillar Real Estate Investors, Southwest Airlines, Terry Hills, Walt Disney World, Yancey’s Fancy, YMCA of Batavia…and the list continues to grow each season! To date, we’ve raised $152,203.66 for Roswell Park and hope to keep this benevolent tradition focused on supporting those in need in our community.

In our district, there have been several faculty, family, and community members diagnosed with cancer. Our team is committed to using its student-athlete platform to serve this members of our community. We would greatly appreciate any additional support that your business is willing to provide our Shooting For A Cure! event. Any donation of any kind, big or small, would be happily accepted. Thank you for your support!

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