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Ride for Roswell 2022

Team Wolanske

This is a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to my gracious friends for your continued support of my philanthropic endeavors.

On June 27th 2020 (four days after my 54th birthday) I am once again doing The Ride for Roswell.  The Ride For Roswell supports cutting-edge research and patient care programs for those afflicted with cancer.  I am doing this ride to celebrate the life and memory of my father Gary W. Wolanske.  In 1988 my father passed after a three year battle with brain cancer, he was 46. He voluntarily participated in cutting-edge experimental cancer trials (Interferon to name one). My dad believed that even if it didn't help him directly someone else would benefit someday.  Roswell has in the past announced promising results on a brain cancer vaccine partially funded from this ride and my hopes are that the work continues because of this ride. 

As always, I realize we get hit up for donations just about every day. If this charitable effort strikes a chord with you and you want to make a donation to support my ride; I thank you in advance.  Regardless on the 27th of June please wish me a hearty Happy "belated" Birthday and raise a glass to both myself and the man that made me what I am today (thank him for what you like, and equally blame him for what you don't LOL).

May the wind be behind you and the road home downhill :)


Gary R. Wolanske
703-568-1550 (cell / text)


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