Ride for Roswell 2020


Clarence Christian Crusaders


The Clarence Christian Crusaders are riding again! 

The Clarence Christian Crusaders, from Clarence Presbyterian Church, welcome you to join us in the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Ride For Roswell. In addition to cancer research, Ride For Roswell donations are supporting The Roswell Park COVID-19 Response Fund to help the patients and the staff. We can assist some of the community's most vulnerable people during this pandemic; our support matters more than ever before. Roswell needs us to continue, depends on us and we need your support!

Last year our team was proud to place 56th out of 705 teams with our $15,801 total fundraising donation. We can do even better this important year! We have young families, riders through age 85, our relatives and friends, and the congregation at our church supporting us. You do not have to belong to our church to join our team.

Due to the recent Pandemic, riders will participate in small safe groups in a new format titled “SUMMER of the RIDE!” High school students can contribute as a community service project and young students can participate in a caring/learning experience. Here are several ways you can join our team to support us.

1) Be A Rider! Register online to ride: there are no registration fees and no minimum donations required this year. Select a distance and then choose to ride in August with groups of less than 10 people being organized by Roswell or with members of our team at organized small groups throughout the summer. You may ride any place, any time, with anyone you select or even on a stationary bike!

2) Be a “Virtual” RIDER! Register and join our team to assist with our fundraising.

3) Be a Volunteer! Register to assist the Roswell ride planning team or contact Julie Furminger at Juliemsualum@yahoo.com to assist our own team members with water and snacks as they ride in small groups.

4) Donate! Make an online donation to support our team or mail a check made out to “The Ride For Roswell” to Clarence Presbyterian Church 9675 Main Street, Clarence, NY 14031.

Most of you have, or have had, friends or family with serious cancer challenges. Our church team is asking for your support toward this important local mission project. Please pray for those in need during this difficult time and stay healthy.


Dave Burghardt (Team Captain) and Julie Furminger.

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