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Team Kenni


Hello friends and family! Thank you for visiting the Team Kenni fundraising page!

As many of you know, Team Kenni was created during the 2016 Ride for Roswell to honor and support Kenni Graber. Thanks to the overwhelming support of our riders and donors, we've been able to grow in number and fundraising totals every single year. 2021 is our sixth year riding, and we know it'll be our best year yet!

Many of you are already familiar with Kenni's story. In November of 2015, Kenni was diagnosed with a well-developed Glioblastoma tumor. The severity of the tumor, as well its location, made it inoperable, and the diagnoses was terminal. Nonetheless, he underwent many invasive treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, in an effort to extend his life. However, the awful side effects and numerous complicatons forced Kenni into Hospice of Niagara, where he passed away on July 1st, 2016 - just a week after 2016's Ride for Roswell.

Everyone in the Roswell community offered unwavering and unmatched support to both Kenni and his family throughout every step of the disease. His wife, children, family, and friends could not be more grateful to have Roswell Park Cancer Institute in their community. Roswell not only performs some of the most innovative cancer research, but they offer some of the most compassionate patient and family care. There is an overwhelming sense of passion in everything that Roswell does, including the Ride for Roswell. Fundraising for and participating in the event was, perhaps, one of the best things to come out of such a terrible situation.

We ask that you contribute in whatever way possible - whether you ride with us, sign up as a virtual rider, or donate to our cause. Every dollar counts and will surely touch the lives of many! 


Go Team Kenni!

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