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Ride for Roswell 2024

Pavement Pounders

Welcome to the Pavement Pounders Team page! For the first year in many we are hoping for a return to celebrating the Ride in full. We are looking at doing the Team tent so we can all gather after our rides and enjoy some snacks and beverages. We’re also looking at Team t-shirts again and best of all a Team photo! 


We once again are happy to have many of our returning riders back and welcome to the new riders this year. Please invite friends and family to join the team, ride with us and come to the tent to celebrate after. New riders are always welcome, contact Jill Kisker for details. 

I appreciate all of you on the team and the efforts you make to raise money for Roswell. I know it’s hard to ask others to donate to the Ride but just consider what a great cause this is, take a deep breath and make that call or send that email. Thanks Team!!!


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