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Tonawanda Fire Local 859

Fire fighters are occupationally exposed to combustion products of modern residential, commercial, vehicle,
wildland, and other fires that contain many hazardous substances. These include carcinogens (i.e., cancer-causing
chemicals) present during fire responses and at the fire station.
Years of research have clearly documented fire fighters’ exposure to carcinogens in all phases of fire response,
including overhaul. Recent studies have also addressed combustion of all the new synthetic products present in
homes, cars, and factories. A carcinogen exposure to products of combustion does not require visible smoke.
Chronic exposure to heat, smoke, and toxicants puts fire fighters at higher risk for developing cancer when
compared to non-fire fighters. Inhalation, ingestion, and absorption of toxic substances causes cell damage that
may lead to cancer.

Please consider supporting our team.  Together, we can help find cancer cures and save lives.

Thank you for your support!

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