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Ride for Roswell 2024

The Tumornators 2

Some of my family members have battled with cancer and ultimatley lost the fight - we ride for them. 

Some of my family member have battled cancer and whooped its ass - we ride for them.

Rianna is currently fighting the fight against cancer - we riding with her!

2023, this ride is dedicated to Rianna, its the #Ride4Risha. 

Battling Acute Lymphomic Leukima at 15 years old, my girl is stronger than she knew. We ride for her.

Cancer doesn’t care. It doesn’t care about age. It doesn’t care about your family or friends. It doesn’t care about what it takes from us — or who it leaves behind. 

But I care. I care about making a difference in the future of cancer research and bringing an end to this devastating disease. That’s why I am participating in the 2022 Ride for Roswell. 

Please help me raise critically needed funds to support the thousands of patients who turn to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center for hope each year. Your donation provides funding researchers need right now to investigate new treatment options that could save lives. For every dollar donated, Roswell Park can leverage an additional $13 in new grant funding!

Please consider donating today. Together, we can end cancer!

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