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the growlers

Gratwick Growlers

What's in a name?

Gratwick Growlers is a team made up of family and friends, many of whom were raised in, or lived in, the Gratwick Neighborhood of North Tonawanda.  To Roswell Park Comprehensive Care Center, the name Gratwick means so much more.  This blurb from William H. Gratwick's Wikipedia page tells it best.

William H. Gratwick, Sr.

William Henry Gratwick, Sr. (1839-1899), was born in Albany and moved to Buffalo, NY in 1877 to found the lumber business Gratwick, White and Fryer Lumber Company, with offices in  North Tonawanda, Buffalo, and Detroit. The company owned timberland in Michigan and six ships to transport the timber on the Great Lakes. The Gratwick family lived at 776 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo in architect Henry Hobson Richardson's last commissioned home, an imposing brownstone, which stood until 1919. William succumbed to colon cancer in 1899, but notably was treated by Dr. Roswell Park of Buffalo during his illness. Mrs. Martha Weare Gratwick, William's widow, donated $25,000 to Dr. Park which assisted in the establishment of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the first institution in the world to focus solely on cancer research. 

 Join our team and help us reach our goal or donate to our efforts! No matter how you choose to support us, YOU are making a difference in the lives of the thousands of patients who turn to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center for hope each year. 

 Your donation provides funding that researchers need to investigate new treatment options that could save lives in our community and around the world. In fact, for every dollar donated, Roswell Park can leverage an additional $23 in new grant funding!

 Finding a cure for cancer is something we are all incredibly passionate about, and we are so thankful and grateful for your support. Together, we can help to carry on Gratwick's Legacy.

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