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Ride for Roswell 2024

Warriors fighting against cancer!
Warriors fighting against cancer!

Fighting Irish Fighting Cancer

Fighting Irish Fighting Cancer - A FORCE for Good in Our Community!

Together, the Fighting Irish Fighting Cancer (FIFC) team and Roswell Park WILL find a Cure for Cancer!

This year our "battle cry" is   RIDE  LIKE  A  CHAMPION  TODAY !

If you look up the definition of "CHAMPION", you will find several words which apply perfectly to each one of the FIFC team members:  WINNER...  WARRIOR...  ADVOCATE... "ONE WHO DOES BATTLE FOR ANOTHER".

As we raise money for Roswell, we are not just fighting for our loved ones who have been attacked by cancer. We are WARRIORS fighting for EVERYONE who has been attacked by cancer!

The Fighting Irish will not stop RIDING LIKE CHAMPIONS until we WIN - until cancer is eliminated.

If you want to join us in the fight against cancer, PLEASE become a member of our team!

ALL are welcome!

You do NOT have to be IRISH! 

You do NOT have to be an ALUM or a ND Club of Buffalo member.

If you are a friend of Notre Dame, you want to help Roswell AND you want to RIDE LIKE A CHAMPION, please join our team!

If you can't join us - PLEASE support us. 

Every dollar we raise brings HOPE to the future. If you support any of the team members, you support the team!

ANY support you give us is GREATLY appreciated. God bless you. May Our Lady continue to watch over you and may the sun shine warm upon the pavement on which you ride!!!


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