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Ride for Roswell 2023


Cycling For Sue

Cancer doesn’t care. It doesn’t care about your age. It doesn’t care about your family or friends. It doesn’t care about what it takes from us — or who it leaves behind.  I care about making a difference in the future of cancer research and bringing an end to this devastating disease. That’s why I am participating in The Ride For Roswell, ten mile river route at 9:40 AM; on Saturday, June 24.

This coming November it will be five years Sue was taken by the horrible disease of lung cancer and this past January it was two year's since her bestie Kathie Notte was taken from us.  Some people say time will heal, but time is only time and we think of them everyday.  Our lives have been
 changed forever.    We will honor the memories of our beloved Sue, Kathie and all of our friends and family that have been effected by participating in functions at the Roswell Park Cancer institute and for the fifth time in the Ride for Roswell.  They were caring, giving and loving persons. 

All of us know someone who is fighting these horrible diseases. 
Hopefully the funds we raise can help find a cure for the horrible cancers that keeps taking our loved ones lives. 

I know that these are trying times, and costs are rising for all, but cancer doesn't take a vacation and funds are needed more than ever.  Thanks again to those who have donated before, please help again and a shout out to any new donor THANKS!  Consider joining our team CYCLING FOR SUE!  Please consider making a donation today to help find cures that might someday save one of your own loved ones or even your own life. Donate so that others might live.  Together, we can make a difference.

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