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Ride for Roswell 2023

L'équipage de Bouchane

We are in the Final Countdown! Please help us hit that goal!

When Sue was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in December 2020 it changed our lives forever. Did you know as a result of your generosity you have helped fund research into advancements and treatment of Myeloma patients. Advancements from this research have led to breakthroughs in Stem Cell transplants, Immunotherapy and so much more. Thanks to your Prayers and generosity, Sue is now in remission and will be riding for her second straight year!  

Please join our fight! Consider sponsoring us on the 2022 Ride for Roswell.          Please consider donating. So many of you have helped me across the fundraising finish line as a member of the Extra Mile Club for the last several years and it's time to acknowledge that each of you is helping fund the care of over 40,000 patients a year at Roswell. 
Link to Donate:    

We have all lost so much to cancer. When you donate, if there is someone you want me to ride in memory of, or someone that is in the fight; please let me know. It Matters!



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