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Ride for Roswell 2023

Papa's Meatballs

Thank you for visiting our 2023 Ride for Roswell team page! We are excited to be riding together to end cancer.  

Papa’s Meatballs rides in memory of our “papa”, Phil Pecoraro. Papa was a bladder cancer survivor who was proud to be a patient at Roswell Park. He was an active member in the bladder cancer support group and took joy in helping other patients through their cancer diagnosis by sharing his experiences. 

Papa was our biggest supporter. Roswell allowed him to continue to be our biggest supporter for an extra 7 years after his diagnosis. We ride so that other families get more years with their papa too. So that others might get more quality time with their kids, siblings, parents, significant others, and friends.

The Ride for Roswell was one of Papa’s favorite days, and we thank you in advance for considering to donate. 


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