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Riding for Grandma
Riding for Grandma

Linda Skrlin's White Ribbons


Linda Skrlin went into the emergency room for severe stomach cramping during the COVID-19 Pandemic on August 30th, 2020 and passed away less then two months after of stage 4 lung cancer on October 14th 2020 with her loving family by her side.

Her strength shown through while even when she was told she had weeks to live. She was  trying to take care of everyone else as us as mothers know to be true. "Its not what we take when we leave the world behind us its what we leave behind us when we go." Linda's survivors are her children and grandchildren. All of her qualities of strength, caring and selflessness can be seen in the eyes of Linda's Survivors.

Without Linda her survivors wouldn't be able to carry on. She has installed in us the qualities of resilience and perseverance in the toughest of times. We are thankful for  your support and will move forward with joyful memories of selflessness, honesty and truth.

Her life has touched so many and I'm blessed beyond words to have grown up with such a wonderful mother and role model. Her characteristics will shine through in may generations to come. 

Matthew 5:16 

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