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On July 4th 2019 Benjamin was diagnosed with Leukemia (B-cell ALL) at 15 months old. When first diagnosed he was hospitalized for a month, for the first phase of treatment, induction. During that time he went through intense chemotherapy and multiple procedures to help get ALL into remission. The next phase of treatment, consolidation, was a year long phase with intense chemo and series of lumbar punctures with chemo in his spinal fluid. It was a tough phase with a few scares but Benjamin was brave, strong and tough. Ben is in his final phase of treatment, continuation, which is a year long phase with chemo and less frequent lumbar punctures. Benjamin finishes treatment in August 2021. Ben is now 3 years old and is an active toddler, talking, playing, running, jumping and loves riding his scooter or jeep. Please consider a donation to help families with children fighting cancer.

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