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Ride for Roswell 2024

Clarence Christian Crusaders

 Working Together to save lives!   (Also go to team member Dave Burghardt's page to read his amazing story!)         

Our team is registered to ride again in 2024 to support cancer research at Roswell Park. Please register online to participate with us so we can beat the total we raised last year!   

To do this, we want to add several members to our team, the Clarence Christian Crusaders, this year.                    

DID YOU KNOW YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RIDE A BIKE?  Here are some choices........     

1) Register as a volunteer.  Serve snacks/drinks at any number of rest stops along the numerous routes. Help out at UB Amherst's Rider registration Thursday/Friday June 20th/21st before "The Ride." Help out at the "Celebration of Hope" Friday night, June 21st. You can even register as a photographer. Go to the "Volunter" portal @ to find out about these, and MANY other opportunities to volunteer. Find an opportunity that fits your schedule, interests and talents!

2) Register as a "virtual Rider." You do not need to ride as we need members with registered accounts in order to deposit donations from the congregation.

3) And of course...ride a bike! You can ride a stationary bike at home or a gym at your convenience. Or, if you have a bike and are so can ride ANYWHERE/ANYTIME or choose from a number of Roswell Routes ranging from 4 - 100 miles on "Ride Day" June 22nd.

Together, with the patients at Roswell, we appreciate your support and donations.  Go online at: and select "donate", then "donate to a team", then type in the name of our team (Clarence Christian Crusaders), then select one of our team members and DONATE! 

Watch online for opportunities to have a donation doubled!  NO REASON TO WAIT AS IT IS 'FREE'  We will be looking for YOUR  support soon!  The Clarence Christian Crusaders, the staff and the patients at Roswell Park appreciate your support. Thank you for keeping a big smile on our faces!








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