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Ride for Roswell 2023

Leah and Bob stopped for a ride break in front of Niagara Falls!
Leah and Bob stopped for a ride break in front of Niagara Falls!

The Polished Rock Cycling Team

Hi! Maybe you're here because you saw the sign at the end of Leah's driveway, or you saw a post online. Either way, we're so glad you're here!

We've ridden in the Ride for Roswell as a family every year since Leah's diagnosis (the only year that Leah herself didn't ride). We've been lucky to have friends and family join us over the years too! The ride looks different for us every year - this year Leah and Bob will be riding "virtually" from their house on June 25 while Grandma Suzie and Grandpa Steve-o babysit new baby Elise! Grandma and Grandpa will have already gotten their 34 miles in with Coach Vicki Mitchell in Buffalo on the "real" ride day, June 24.


  1. Click on a team member's name from the Team Roster
  2. You'll be taken to that individual's fundraising page
  3. Click the Donate Now button!

Even if you can't donate today, we're grateful that you stopped to read Leah's story. So many of us are affected by or know someone with cancer or have their own story to tell, and I think all of us could use a little extra hope.

Keep moving forward!!

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