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Ride for Roswell 2021

Szalkowski Strong

Szalkowski Strong, Jim Szalkowski STRONG!!!​

Many of you know Jim as a great, avid golfer, some know him as a hunter, some know him as the one of the most generous and helpful of people, some of you know him as a Nestle Purina retiree, some of us call him dad, husband, brother, son, uncle, cousin, nephew, friend.... all of us know him as strong willed, slightly hard headed and a fighter and that's just what he'll continue to be. 

Jim was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer on March 3rd, 2021. He will receive treatment for this disease, but it is not curable. 

Many family and friends asked me, his daughter Megan, to join me in the Ride for Roswell as I ride to honor him and raise money for cancer research. This is the team I created to ride for my dad, Jim's team, "Szalkowski Strong."

Let's Ride together and make a difference in the future of cancer research and bringing an end to this devastating disease.

Please consider joining the team! We will be riding 26 miles on August 7th at 8:20am! You can choose a shorter course as well, but we can all start together!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and continue your prayers,

The Szalkowski Family

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