Ride for Roswell 2020

Team SBU Stands with Sister Margaret #CarneyStrong
Team SBU Stands with Sister Margaret #CarneyStrong

Team SBU #CarneyStrong

Let's ride together this year in honor and in memory of everyone from the St. Bonaventure Community who has battled with cancer.

Sister Margaret Carney, who has been at SBU for more than 20 years and was President for 12 years before retiring in 2016, was treated for her cancer at Roswell for the past couple of years.  We formed this team originally in her honor, and now she is doing great!

We are also riding in memory of Jim Canty who died in May 2017 from a brain tumor.  Mr. Canty was a member of the St. Bonaventure Board of Trustees and a great person who was only 54 when he died. 

There are, unfortunately, so many others who have been affected by cancer in the St. Bonaventure community.  Please donate to a member of our team in honor of Sr. Margaret, in memory of Mr. Canty, and/or anyone you know who is or has battled cancer, or you can even join us for the ride!

Let's show Buffalo that Bonnies will join together to GET RID OF CANCER!!!

Go Bonnies!!!!

Sammi Van Wicklin
Team SBU Captain


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