Bald for Bucks Buffalo 2021-22

Charlie & Colton

What do a couple seventh graders know about fighting cancer?

We know everything we need to know. We know we need to step up and get involved. We know that Roswell is our community's go-to solution for cancer care.  We know that Roswell's research team has made great strides in finding ways to end cancer.  And we know that we all need to be involved to make that happen.  And we know that means we need your help too.

Cancer affects everyone – and during times of uncertainty, cancer patients are some of the most vulnerable. That’s why we are making a promise to do something about it and help end cancer for good.

We have joined Bald for Bucks to stand in solidarity with cancer patients everywhere.  So on Wednesday, March 23, we'll losing our locks in front of our classmates at Immaculate Conception.

Please consider donating. No donation is too small, and every dollar adds up to something greater than any one of us could accomplish alone. Together, we can find cancer cures and save lives.


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