Bald for Bucks 2023-24


Hello North Collins!  This community should be proud of itself for its contributions to Bald for Bucks, especially after being the #1 fundraising school in the Buffalo region the last 2 years. We are so excited to kick off our 21st consecutive year!

We will be continuing to shave, cut, and dye VIRTUALLY this year. You can shave your head at home or a local salon or if you can spare 8 inches or more, your hair will be donated to make wigs for children with cancer.  

Don't forget, you can dye you hair too -- the brighter, the better!  In hopes off attracting even more participants, the goal is to create a RAINBOW of colorful heads all supporting Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

NEW THIS YEAR -- you can chose to add colorful tinsel to your hair! Many salons offer tinsel extensions for those who want to participate but don't want to cut or dye their hair.

We will host an event for all participants on March 27, 2024. Students, teachers, staff, and family members are all welcome.  

Let's keep the tradition of being in the TOP 5 fundraising schools going!  

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