Ride for Roswell 2020

[Photo By Dave Netter]
[Photo By Dave Netter]

Team M&T

Welcome to the 2020 Team M&T Rider Page

Rider Registration

We invite each employee, and a family member or friend to register for the M&T Team on us.   We have a special registration code so you and a family member or friend can register for free.  

  • The code for free registration is MTBank2020.

Once you’ve finalized your registration, you can keep track of our teams progress and activities leading up to "The Ride" on this page.

Volunteer Registration

Volunteers are the backbone of Team M&T, thank you for your support

For those interested in participating in "The Ride" as a volunteer the M&T volunteer site will be up and running shortly.  We will publish instructions and updates below:

A Message from Your Ride Captain:

I'm extremely proud to be the captain for Team M&T and it looks like we are going to have an awesome ride this year.  Spring is coming, let’s get those fundraising and bike muscles working again. 

Our goal as Team M&T is to volunteer our time and help raise the funds needed to improve the Roswell patient and family experience, support new clinical treatments and procedures, provide proper clinical space to meet the increasing demand for cancer services, and educate the next generation of cancer scientists and clinicians.

Each one of us is registering to ride for a reason.  I urge you share your reason with those who are important to you.  Together, through friends, family, and loved ones we will take that big step toward stamping out cancer.

If you have any questions regarding the ride, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to me.

Sincerely, Tim McMorrow


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