The Ride For Roswell 2019

Ralph's Rough Riders

My fight with cancer continues.

As I mentioned last year, I had a cancer recurrence. My treatment was 37 rounds of radiation.

Unfortunately it did not work and my cancer levels continued to rise, as did my level of anxiety and fear.
So once again I turned to Roswell for guidance. My treatment this time is 12 monthly drug injections. I am more than half way complete.

I am a three-time cancer survivor, not victim. I appreciate every day I have with my family and friends. It is not a cliché, it is my life!
You likely not have seen on the outside, what I have felt on the inside. Having cancer is scary. It doesn’t matter what the doctors, statistics, or other cancer survivors have to say. I was scared. I didn’t want to be sick and I didn’t want to die. I put my trust in the team of caregivers at Roswell. I read their research, listened to their advice, and when we agreed on my treatment, I followed their instructions.

I appreciate your past support and am asking for your continued support. This year, I have more family and friends joining me in the Ride for Roswell on June 22, just days before the 14th anniversary of my mom’s death from pancreatic cancer. The night before the big ride, I am riding in the Peleton with my sister Rosemary by my side. This special ride begins with a moving tribute to the patients at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and ends at UB’s North Campus.

Please donate to my fundraising page so that I will meet the $1000 qualifying mark for the Peleton and so that I can ride away from Roswell. Roswell, a place where three times, I was scared that I may not get to walk away…..

Please join me in making a difference. I don't ever again want to hear, "Ralph, you have cancer”, three times is enough!


Thank you for your support!

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