Roswell Park Day of Giving 2019

BMT/Transplant & Cellular Therapy Unit

Welcome to our team page for Roswell Park’s first-ever Day of Giving. We’re excited for this 24-hour give-a-thon!


Because our Day of Giving is an opportunity for you to direct your donation to research areas that mean the most to you, and by giving to the BMT/Transplant and Cellular Therapy (TCT) center, you can make a huge impact for patients facing cancer.

Roswell Park’s TCT Center offers next-generation therapies delivered by nationally recognized specialists, and is one of the nation’s top centers for bone marrow and blood transplantation. These treatments have led to consistent and excellent patient survival rates.

Many of the immunotherapy clinical trials now on standby, as well as others earlier in the pipeline involve cellular therapy – the breakthrough cancer-fighting advance where we remove a patient’s cells, alter them to attack their cancer, and reintroduce them into the body. It’s an integral part of the future of cancer care that requires both specialized expertise and specialized facilities. Capital improvements to Roswell Park’s Clinical Trails Unit and Transplant and Cellular Therapy Center will enable us to expand the number of clinical trials we are able to conduct, an offer them to more patients in our community and beyond.

But we need your help! Please consider making a donation today as part of our Day of Giving. The support of generous donors like you allows us to stay on the cutting edge of transplant and cellular therapy and to provide compassionate care to all our patients.

On behalf of the patients and families we serve, thank you for making a difference.

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